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Baltika Marketing Consult OÜ is a digital marketing and publication company headquartered in Tartu, Estonia. We aspire to create a platform for consumers and businesses to interact. We are into the online publication of journals and periodicals meant to inform and stimulate commerce. Publications are specialised on market segmentations providing a digital platform for business-consumer interactions. KEY ACTIVITIES Publication of journals and periodicals including the production of journalistic content and sale of digital advertisement space. Key activities are supported by digital marketing consultancy and services. They include active campaign to provide small businesses digital space and support them to grow and attract global consumers.

The Digital EU Market platfotm also known as Estonian Market was established with the goal to serve as an advertising platform for businesses and provide information on Estonian Business and market trends to the international community and help non-Estonians to benefit fully from the dynamist associated with the Estonian market.

Baltika Marketing Consult OU

Our Vision

Baltika Marketing Consult OÜ will provide businesses a reliable, high-quality, comprehensive digital marketing platform through the repertoire of publications, alternative to in-house resources for business development, market development, and channel development on an international scale. Baltika Marketing Consult OÜ is both a business-to-business and business-to-consumer publisher and seeks to provide answers to companies who desire to communicate with their customers while helping the consumer to locate the right products and services to facilitate value for money.

Our Mission

Baltika Marketing Consult OÜ aspire to be a major digital publisher that uses journals and periodicals to provide a digital version of “360 degree marketing services” to businesses globally. We will become an integral part of the link between consumers and businesses in the digital realms through the delivery of trendy publications creating a continuous stream of backlinks to our platforms. Our continued success will be driven by our strategic publications. Our Platform Digital EU Market will be the dominant domain of search engines as we place EU business in the palms of consumers. Names like Estonian Market, Swedish Market, Finish Market etc., will become saturated in the digital realm and merge with social media accounts of the public in a sort of Singularity. Every country will have a unique and yet corroborative platform with a vibrant localised and international news services that provide information on the immediate and external environment.

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